March 4, 2017



Please use our online booking form below to schedule your visit.

1) Select your mission and team size
2) Select the day and time for your mission
3) Enter your information
4) We require a £20 deposit for all bookings. You can choose to pay the full amount or just the deposit and then pay the remainder on the day of your game at our location.
5) Confirm your booking (you will also receive an email confirmation from us)

Please Note: We recommend an optimal team size of 4 for our games. The rooms are not very large so we don’t advise to play with larger groups in single games. If you have a larger group, we advise to split into teams of 4 and play multiple games. We offer a special deal of £15 per person for groups of 8 players or more. Contact us and we will be happy to help plan your event.

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